Monday, March 8, 2010

Leave it to the Worms

This is our Wriggly Ranch Worm Farm.  I started using the worm farm about 2 years ago and love it.  This is how we compost all of our kitchen scraps.  The worms are very low maintenance.  Just make sure they have food in the bin and they will be fine.  The bucket below the bin catches the "worm juice" that is one of the resulting products.  I dilute the worm juice with water and water the plants around the yard with it. It is a great fertilizer!

Here is the upper bin with lots of food scraps.  You can see some of the worms on the sides of the box. They break down the scraps pretty quickly, turning it into worm castings.  The castings are added to our garden soil.

Finally, here is a picture of the finished worm castings.  All you need to do is to separate the worms from the castings and add them to the soil.  This is an easy and fun way to compost.


Rosie Scotland said...

Welcome to Blotanical !

I would love one of these worm compost makers - we get our food waste collected every fortnight for community composting. You're welcome over at my scottish blog anytime.

Holtbuster said...

this is very interesting to me! do the worms escape? well, i am here to follow your blog! thanks tori!!

kristin said...

2 questions…

where did you purchase your worm farm? and do the worms drop down a bin when they are done with the food?